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Re:JNI and cygwin

At 11:41 AM 5/11/2005, you wrote:

>I need terminal and ncurses support and I have a JNI
>layer that interacts with
> "curses" functions.The JNI wrapper needs to be built
>into a shared library.
>I have problems using the cygwin libraries with Java
>I have a smaller example that can reproduce the
>The shared library when compiled with the -mno-cygwin
>option works without any
>issues, however, when I remove this option, the
>compilation goes fine, but when
>I try and run the java program the VM hangs. This
>issue has been reported
>earlier. Has this problem been fixed?

If it has, I don't recall that fact being reported on this list.

>I need to use the "cygwin" libraries for getting
>"curses" support.

Why?  If a MinGW version (i.e. built with -mno-cygwin) will work for you,
why not just use it?

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Holliston, MA 01746                     

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