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Re: Permissions problem mounting NFS shares from Cygwin sshd

Quoth Igor Pechtchanski:

> Read the above page again, please.  If I understood your statement
> correctly, you've edited /etc/passwd and /etc/group directly.  This is not
> *supposed* to have any effect, unless you use the appropriate Windows
> tools to adjust group memberships.

>From the NT Security document:

	Unfortunately, workstations and servers outside of domains
	are not able to set primary groups! In these cases, where
	there is no correlation of users to primary groups, NT returns 513
	(None) as primary group, regardless of the membership to existing
	local groups.

	When using mkpasswd -l -g on such systems, you have to change
	the primary group by hand if `None' as primary group is not what you
	want (and I'm sure, it's not what you want!)

This machine is not in a domain. I understood the above to mean I
needed to generate the password file with mkpasswd and edit it to
change those group IDs. Am I understanding incorrectly?

> The usual place to look for the actual errors when starting sshd is the
> Windows event log.

OK, this is interesting:

sshd : PID 1364 : starting service `sshd' failed: execve: 1, Operation
not permitted.

Which tells me Administrator doesn't have the privileges to start
sshd. Following the tried-and-true troubleshooting methodology of
"dunno, maybe it'll work", I changed /usr/sbin/sshd's ownership from
Administrator:Users to Administrator:Administrators. Its group ID
changed from 545 to 544, as I would expect, but the change had no

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