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Re: Strange-Dangerous behaviour in Cygwin [ATTN base-file maintainer]

On May 10 11:18, Warren Young wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >Can anybody tell me what the `stty erase' setting is good for in
> >/etc/profile?  I'm using tcsh, so I'm not bothered by this stuff...
> This is fine as long are you're within your shell, or another program 
> that is tolerant of the two different ways of saying 'backspace'.
> If your 'erase' stty variable isn't set correctly, a number of things 
> fail to deal with backspace correctly.  For just one example, password 
> entry when ssh'ing to another machine requires a correct 'erase' setting.

Yes.  Did you notice what I said?  It's set automatically correctly for
rxvt and the cygwin console and xterm if you *don't* touch it in

Can we stop this discussion and just do it right in /etc/profile by
just not setting it?


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