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RE: "ls" finds file1 but "ls file1" does not

----Original Message----
>From: Charles D. Russell
>Sent: 10 May 2005 16:54

> __________________
> I am attaching cygcheck in case you can find something obvious.
> However,I am reluctant to upgrade because the use of large static
> fortran arrays with cygwin/g77 seems to be a fragile issue and my
> current installation is now working (but only with -mno-cygwin).
> ++++++++++++++++

  That one is *well-and-truely* fixed, solved, sorted, straightened out,
banged on the head, put to bed, laid to rest, and otherwise dealt with!
Really!  I'm not sure if the fix was in 1.5.16 or if you'd need to use a
recent snapshot, but the underlying problem is *completely* gone and will
not be returning any time soon.  I would deeply urge you not to let any
worries about it hold you back from upgrading.

  Oh, and even better, you won't need "-mno-cygwin" any more.  Here, let me
quote this testimonial from a satisfied customer:

"  Yeaaaaaaaaaaah, boy!  That got it!  Using cygwin1-20050428.dll,
I can now run g77 executables having a static array up to about
1.5 GiB.  [ ... ] But still, this meets my needs, and I don't need
that silly -Wl,--stack,8388608 workaround anymore.  Job well done,
both you and Corinna! "

[ With apologies to the nameless OP for quoting from a private email, but
hey, it's not exactly intimate or personal! ]

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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