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Re: "ls" finds file1 but "ls file1" does not

Eric Blake wrote:

What version of coreutils are you using? Attach the output of `cygcheck -svr' as described in, then consider upgrading. __________________
I am attaching cygcheck in case you can find something obvious. However,I am reluctant to upgrade because the use of large static fortran arrays with cygwin/g77 seems to be a fragile issue and my current installation is now working (but only with -mno-cygwin).
On further reflection, this is not a problem I can safely ignore, since I use cygwin scripts for my backup routines. I tried rebooting and chkdsk to no avail, then tried to reproduce the problem, and found that I can reproduce it with the following script. (Which in fact I used before, but forgot about.) It is a newly written script, thus a likely suspect for the newly encountered problem.

Sorry about appending cygcheck.out as well as attaching it. Must have hit a wrong button.

#! /usr/bin/sh
# rename - change filenames to lower case (to restore after MS unzip)
# for all files in default directory
echo rename to lower case
echo for all files in default directory
echo operating on directory $PWD

#    trial run for approval
for f in ` ls `
 echo "$f" " ` echo $f | tr A-Z a-z ` "

#    approve
echo type y to proceed
if test $PROCEED != y
       exit 0

#    execute
for f in ` ls `
 echo renaming $f
 mv -v "$f" " ` echo $f | tr A-Z a-z ` "

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