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RE: Experiencing problems with OpenGL

Julian Moorsm wrote:

Hi everybody, ?

Hi Julian,

Welcome to the Cygwin list.

First and foremost I have to say that I am so happy with the concept of
Cygwin and to the Cygwin volunteers ?Keep up with the good work. It is
so much appreciated?. I am having a little problem with compiling an
OpenGL sourcefile.
Here's what I've done so far:
Installed Cygwin using setup.exe to c:\cygwin using default settings
onto Windows XP SP 2 OS.
Installed make, g++ and nano by running setup.exe again.
Read the readme file located under /usr/share/opengl1-1-0.
Little confused about what switches I should use when compiling .cpp
file and whether to use a makefile or not.
Ran the OpenGL examples to test if it?s possible to run the .exe files
compiled and linked under Cygwin. All examples ran successfully.
Tried to compile the following .cpp file whilst using -lglu32 -lopengl32
switches with g++:

So, you have done some homework; that's good. Now, it would have been easier to help you if you had written in your help request the _exact command line_ you had typed to invoke g++, along with the _exact error messages_ you received.


An example program


This .cpp source file compiles perfectly under Visual Studio 6.0, but as
I don?t have it anymore I?m unable to compile it now. Is there anyway I
can compile this source under Cygwin or will I have to rewrite it and
make use of the GLUI and GLUX libraries. If so could you explain this
process for me with compile/linker command line switches. Thanks for
your help.


I just copied your example code to a file I named julian.cpp and compiled and linked it with:

g++ -o julian julian.cpp -lglu32 -lopengl32 -lgdi32

I got 3 warnings but no error. julian.exe is runable. While it is true that most people developing Windows native OpenGL applications with Cygwin use a toolkit such as GLUT or GLUI, it is certainly possible to do without; just add -lgdi32 at the end of your command line to resolve calls to the M$ Graphics Device Interface library. If you use other functions from M$ libs, you will have to add the approriate -l arguments. See /usr/lib/w32api to see what's available.


André Bleau,
Cygwin's OpenGL package maintainer.

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