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RE: "ls" finds file1 but "ls file1" does not

----Original Message----
>From: Charles D. Russell
>Sent: 09 May 2005 20:07

> "ls" finds file1 but "ls file1" does not.  How can this happen?
> The following example occurred just after I had renamed some *.htm files
> to *.html using
> an ash shell script.  No such problem occurred, however, when I used DOS
> "rename" to make
> the same change. 

  Not 100% sure what's going on here, but can I just ask one thing?

> $ ls
> _index.htm*    finder.dat*     lib_over.htm*   setjmp.htm*   time.htm*
> assert.htm*    float.htm*      lib_prin.htm*   signal.htm*   types.htm*
> charset.htm*   function.htm*   lib_scan.htm*   stdarg.htm*   wchar.htm*

[etc]  Did your ash script go wrong and rename all those files with actual
asterisks on the end ?

> Documents/books_open/c/stdcbook_bad/STD_c
> $ ls assert.htm
> ls: assert.htm: No such file or directory  <--  **** THIS IS THE PROBLEM
> ****

  But ISTM there is no such file as assert.htm.  What output do you get from

ls assert.htm\*


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