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Re: "ls" finds file1 but "ls file1" does not

> Response to Eric Blake:
> Thanks. I forgot that unix had separate permissions for directories. 
> However, I have
> now given myself all the permissions I know of and I still have the same 
> problem.
> $ ls ass*
> ls: ass*: No such file or directory     <------BUT IT IS THERE
> $ ls -l
> total 722
> -rwxrwxrwx+   1 cdr      None        58614 Oct 12  1995  _index.htm*
> -rwxrwxrwx+   1 cdr      None         2177 Oct 12  1995  assert.htm*

Next thing to check - do you have shell globbing disabled or filtered?  (For more info on these options, read `man bash'.)
$ echo ignoring:$GLOBIGNORE options:$-
$ shopt | grep glob

If GLOBIGNORE includes *.htm or the builtin set includes -f, bash will not expand *, but instead looks for the literal file named "ass*", which does not exist.  I'm also guessing that nullglob is off, otherwise bash would expand the failed * into no arguments at all, which would cause a full directory listing, rather than passing the literal string with * on to ls.

Eric Blake

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