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RE: echo "$(echo '\r')" oddity

This is exactly the problem I am seeing and it also happens with a few other
tests. When using 
  socat -d -d -d -v
it turns out that the server process is sending back the text (< hello) but
this text never ends up at the client. This also happens when the server is
running on Cygwin and the client is running on Linux (change the client
command to use the server's IP address instead of localhost). My guess was
that this is a flushing problem and not a race condition; BTW, I am 99.9999%
convinced that this is caused by socat and not by the openssl server

hmmmm I was hoping somebody had a terribly bright idea before I started
using strace but I guess that's what I will have to do ....



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> Sent: Monday, May 09, 2005 12:06
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> Subject: Re: echo "$(echo '\r')" oddity
> Jan Just Keijser wrote:
> > in interactive mode the command seems to work fine. What happens if 
> > you build socat and then run the test script (./ ? 
> Which tests 
> > does it fail on?
> fails on the openssl test for me too.  I can't really 
> follow exactly what the testcase is doing though.  It looks 
> like there's a race condition somewhere because you get the 
> previous command's output with each command:
> $ socat -t0.1 exec:'openssl s_server -accept 12009 -quiet 
> -cert cacert.pem -key privkey.pem' pipe &
> $ echo -n "1" | socat -t0.1  -
> openssl:localhost:12009,cafile=cacert.pem,verify=1
> $ echo -n "2" | socat -t0.1  -
> openssl:localhost:12009,cafile=cacert.pem,verify=1
> 1
> $ echo -n "3" | socat -t0.1  -
> openssl:localhost:12009,cafile=cacert.pem,verify=1
> 2
> $ echo -n "4" | socat -t0.1  -
> openssl:localhost:12009,cafile=cacert.pem,verify=1
> 3
> I don't know what's going there.  You'd probably have to 
> delve into an strace to find out.
> Brian
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