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sqlite / pysqlite ... RFC/ITP?

Hi all,

I'm not sure just *how* off-topic this is, let's see ...

I'm using Reini's own package of sqlite 3.0.7 for cygwin
in conjunction with the pysqlite source-distribution.
This works quite well, only I'd like it all in cygwin
packages in the standard distribution.

For the record:

SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained,
embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine.

pysqlite is a Python DB-API 2.0 interface for the SQLite
embedded relational database engine.

Now on to the real issues:

I might volunteer as maintainer for the pysqlite cygwin
package, but there are a few questions:

- Is anyone else actually interested in this, or might I be
  better off to keep it to my own?

- Reini, will the sqlite package ever be part of the standard
  cygwin mirrors, or would I have to maintain that, too?
  Is there any serious reason against uploading it?

- The python setup script, shipped with the pysqlite source,
  builds and installs different DLLs, not only for different
  versions of python (e.g. 2.3 vs. 2.4 which isn't a problem
  as only 2.4 is supported in cygwin as of now), but also
  for each version of the cygwin dll itself.
  This makes it look as if it's a bad idea to just package
  the "binary" ... But I have no real experience with that
  Would I have to update it whenever a new cygwin version
  comes about, or is there a smart way around it - e.g.
  to call the actual build-and-install from the postinstall
  script? Sounds scary.
  Might it be OK to distribute a "pysqlite binary cygwin
  package" and rebuild it only as soon as it stops working?

Note also that this would be my first ITP ever. If I get
positive responses here, I'll take the ITP to cygwin-apps,
of course.

Thanks for any hints,

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