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Fixing strace and cygcheck so that they work with mount -X

On Sun, May 08, 2005 at 08:21:26PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>Ultimately, I just have to make strace and cygcheck understand the
>cygwin arguments and environment variables.  Then we won't need this.

I just changed cygcheck.exe, and strace.exe so that they will play
better when living in a directory which is mounted with the "-X" option.
This requires new versions of the two programs as well as a new version
of cygwin1.dll.  Since cygcheck and strace will understand cygwin
command line arguments and environment variables, this means that
special mounts for these two programs will not be needed and the newly
minted can eventually be
simplified when cygwin 1.5.17 is released.

I would appreciate it if people would check out the latest snapshot to
verify if I actually got this working in all scenarios (directories
mounted with -X, -x, not mounted at all, or mounted without -X and -x).

Since the snapshot has changes to cygcheck.exe and strace.exe, this will
entail downloading and installing the cygwin-inst-*.tar.bz2 file,
extracting cygwin1.dll, cygcheck.exe, and strace.exe from it, and moving
these files to the correct locations with non-cygwin commands.


  bash$ cd /tmp
  bash$ mkdir deleteme
  bash$ cd deleteme
  bash$ wget
  bash$ tar xjf cygwin-inst-20050508.tar.bz2 usr/bin/cygwin1.dll usr/bin/cygcheck.exe usr/bin/strace.exe
  bash$ cp /bin/cygwin1.dll /bin/
  bash$ exit # terminate all cygwin processes
  c:\>copy c:\cygwin\tmp\deleteme\usr\bin\*.* c:\cygwin\bin
  bash$ rm -r /tmp/deleteme 
  bash$ # play with strace/cygcheck

The above is an *example* of what could be done to install the needed
files.  There may be typos in the example or it may not work perfectly
on your system.  It is intended as a *hint* for those who are savvy
enough to test things without excessive amounts of hand holding.

If you are not comfortable with UNIX commands like "wget" or "tar",
please do not attempt this.

If you do not know what a Windows command shell is or you cannot figure
out how to run bash from the command shell or you are not comfortable
with command shell commands like "copy" please do not try this.

May cause intense itching.

Discontinue if symptoms persist for more than a millennium.

May suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.

Do not taunt the Cygwin snapshot.

Not valid in Alaska or Tennessee.

UNIX ® is a registered trademark of the Open Group in the United States
and other countries.


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