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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: openldap-2.2.26-1/libopenldap2_2_7-2.2.26-1/openldap-devel-2.2.26-1


A new version of 'openldap/libopenldap2_2_7/openldap-devel' has been uploaded to a server near you.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol clients, servers and libraries.


* Routine update
* Fixed postinstall bug 571 (see

* Added SASL support

openldap NEWS

OpenLDAP 2.2.26 Release
	Fixed back-bdb ldapadd ctxcsn crash (ITS#3685)
	Fixed back-hdb search crash (ITS#3688)

OpenLDAP 2.2.25 Release
	Fixed back-hdb out-of-order slapadd (ITS#3267)
	Fixed back-bdb/hdb search crashes (ITS#3638, 3647)
	Fixed back-bdb/hdb modrdn (ITS#3657)
	Fixed back-bdb ctxcsn/LRU bug (ITS#3666)
	Fixed back-dnssrv referral all but search op crasher bug (ITS#3642)
	Fixed back-ldbm shutdown hang (ITS#3648)
	Fixed back-meta memory leak (ITS#3669)
	Fixed back-monitor attribute normalization bug (ITS#3659)
	Removed broken libldap fast synchronous search result processing (ITS#3612)
	Build Environment
		Added improved configure logging

OpenLDAP 2.2.24 Release
	Fixed slapd "chldren:" typo (ITS#3560)
	Fixed slapd syncrepl consumer unclean shutdown (ITS#3546)
	Fixed slapd syncrepl provider sessionlog (ITS#3571)
	Fixed slapd subentry control parse bug (ITS#3563)
	Fixed slapd connection_abandon processing (ITS#3534, 3546, 3571)
	Fixed slapd callback cleanup processing (ITS#3596)
	Fixed slapd default password hash to use SSHA (ITS#3557)
	Fixed back-bdb referral fault (ITS#3602)
	Fixed slap tool log initialization (ITS#3579)
	Fixed slapi modify/increment support (ITS#3522)
	Fixed slapi plugins called multiple times with glue (ITS#3529)
	Fixed slapi 64-bit portability (ITS#3556)
	Fixed back-bdb IDL cache crash (ITS#3527)
	Fixed back-bdb initialization message (ITS#3533)
	Fixed back-hdb dn2id crash (ITS#3559)
	Fixed back-ldap search with stale connection (ITS#3537)
	Fixed libldap fdset re-init for restart (ITS#3524)
	Fixed libldap ldap_extended_operation_s (ITS#3552)
	Added libldap fast synchronous search result processing
	Build Environment
		Updated BDB version check (ITS#3581)
		Updated memcmp replacement
		Updated -lV3 configure check
		Add slapd-hdb(5)
		Updated slapd(8) (ITS#3591)
		Updated README

OpenLDAP 2.2.23 Release
	Updated slapd extensibleMatch empty DN bug fix (ITS#3506)

OpenLDAP 2.2.22 Release
	Fixed slapd extensibleMatch empty DN bug (ITS#3506)

OpenLDAP 2.2.21 Release
	Fixed slapd group limits
	Fixed slapd/slurpd replog locking (ITS#3421)
	Fixed slapd gratuitous thread yields (ITS#3471)
	Fixed slaptest failure if databases cannot be started (ITS#3461)
	Fixed slaptest with dynamically loaded password mechs (ITS#3495)
	Fixed back-bdb entry e_ocflags reset on objectClass modify
	Fixed back-bdb retcode on referral (ITS#3475)
	Fixed back-bdb detecting deadlock in indexer (ITS#3481)
	Fixed back-bdb cache deadlock (ITS#3494)
	Fixed back-ldap/meta objectClass mapping in updates (ITS#3499)
	Fixed back-meta DN-valued attribute delete (ITS#3498)
	Fixed back-sql access checking on search (ITS#3488)
	Fixed libldap timeout option cleanup (ITS#3487)
	Build Environment
		Misc fixes for dynamic modules (ITS#3401, #3428)
		Fixed slappasswd man page quotes (ITS#3468)
		Updated slapd-bdb(5) checkpoint description (ITS#3493)
		Updated slapd.conf(5) syncrepl info (ITS#3293, #3476, #3478)
		Updated slapd-bdb, slapd-ldbm(5) index notes (ITS#3330)

OpenLDAP 2.2.20 Release
	Fixed slapd sanity check on protocol in authz-regexp URI (ITS#3411)
	Fixed slapd ID to DN mapping when values need DN escaping (ITS#3419)
	Fixed slapd sl_realloc memory overrun (ITS#3420, #3404, #3296)
	Fixed slapd syncrepl bugs (ITS#3423, #3425, #3443, #3448)
	Fixed slapd bad tag handling
	Fixed slapd error return for modrdn invalid access (ITS#3450)
	Fixed back-bdb locks in backend_group (ITS#3263, #3365)
	Fixed back-bdb/back-hdb listing of permissive control (ITS#3453)
	Fixed back-ldap failed connection retry (ITS#3217)
	Fixed back-ldap/back-meta memory handling in attr mapping
	Fixed back-meta modrdn newSuperior target selection
	Fixed back-sql segfault when logging and delete_rule is NULL (ITS#3407)
	Build Environment
		Fixed slurpd build on Windows

OpenLDAP 2.2.19 Release
	Fixed slapd check for mandatory filter in authz-regexp URI (ITS#3396)
	Fixed slapd bad descriptor check (ITS#3400)
	Fixed slapd ACI when the subject contains '#' (ITS#3303)
	Fixed slapd syncrepl consumer memory corruption (ITS#3403)
	Fixed back-ldap malformed URI check for multiple URIs (ITS#3399)
	Fixed back-ldap/back-meta static definition of be_open() (ITS#3387)
	Fixed back-bdb cache bugs (ITS#3356, #3358), ctxcsn memory leak
	Build Environment
		Fixed lber.h dup portability bug
		Updated BDB mismatch messages (ITS#3375)
		Added BDB 4.3 detection

OpenLDAP 2.2.18 Release
	Fixed libldap schema keyword sensitivity (ITS#3334)
	Fixed libldap DN filter sensitivity (ITS#3334)
	Fixed libldap intermediate response tags (ITS#3381)
	Fixed slapd matching rule name sensitivity (ITS#3334)
	Fixed slapd multiple value delete (ITS#3346)
	Fixed slapd referral memory leak
	Fixed slapd mods2entry memory leak
	Fixed slapd psearch consistency bug
	Updated back-sql
		Updated release documents

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