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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xemacs-21.4.17-1/xemacs-tags-21.4.17-1/xemacs-emacs-common-21.4.17-1


A new version of 'xemacs' has been uploaded to a server near you.

A powerful, highly customizable open source text editor and application 
development system


* routine update


* routine update

* removed --with-offixe from configure as it needs --with-dragndrop which
  doesn't work on cygwin right now

* this version uses again the original package-get.el as my local patch
  doesn't cleanly apply because of a major update to the package lisp stuff

* explicitely include --with-dialogs=motif when configuring


    * Fix: Fix backreference bug in regex code.
    * Fix: Fix etags segv on Solaris.
    * Fix: Make AltGr and modifier keys work under new X servers.
    * Fix: Enable AltGr under GTK.
    * Fix: Fix --memory-usage-stats on tty.
    * Fix: FreeBSD build fixes.
    * Fix: Fix Parallel builds.
    * Fix: File positions are 0-based.
    * Fix: Improve Mac OS X compatibility in mule-tests.el.
    * Fix: Fix shifted-motion-keys-select-region documentation string.
    * Fix: Make window maximization work under Metacity.
    * Fix: Abort configuration if GPM requested but not found.
    * Fix: Force removal of lisp/finder-inf.el so 'make' for a normal user after 'make install' by root works.
    * Fix: Take into account `allow-deletion-of-last-visible-frame' variable.
    * Fix: Make sheap.c compile under gcc-3.3.3 on cygwin.
    * Fix: Fix gnus regexp infloop.
    * Fix: Close pop security hole.
    * Fix: Update documentation for programming modes.
    * Fix: Fix typos in the tutorial.
    * Fix: Another parallel build fix.
    * Fix: Make XEmacs build on VC++ 7.
    * Update: Sync the API of make-obsolete(-variable) with GNU Emacs.
    * Update: Make definition of "command" more accessible in Lispref.
    * Update: Update directory locations in nt/ to correspond to current optional-libs.exe and Cygwin makeinfo.
    * Feature: Improve comments in regex.c.
    * Feature: Improve docstrings for keymap functions.
    * Feature: Add a test for shy regexps to verify gnus infloop fix.

    * Fix: Repair configure boo-boo on deprecating Motif.
    * Fix: Repair PUI breakage if EMACSPACKAGEPATH is specified.
    * Fix: Make etags --include work.
    * Fix: Clean up split-string docstring.
    * Fix: Make etags recognize Python classes and global functions.
    * Fix: Don't redefine NSIG.
    * Fix: Default package-get-require-signed-base-updates to nil.
    * Fix: Avoid CVS conflicts in package-ui.el.
    * Fix: GTK: Working tab controls and widget drawing.
    * Fix: Sync gnuserv.el to the version from 21.5.
    * Fix: Fix precedence gotcha in lstream.c.
    * Fix: Fix void-function error in apropos.
    * Fix: Eliminate a warning in regex.c.
    * Fix: Fix bug in truncate-command-history-for-gc / pre-gc-hook.
    * Fix: Warning elimination in glyphs.c.
    * Fix: Eliminate bogus xref in positions.texi.
    * Fix: Paragraph-start should not be anchored to bol in Japanese.
    * Fix: Don't flag an error under some circumstances in search.c.
    * Fix: Fix typo in lispref/windows.texi.
    * Fix: Make sure the argument to Frecord_buffer is a buffer.
    * Fix: search.c fixes.
    * Fix: Preserve successful isearch targets on abort.
    * Fix: Fix typo in zmacs-region's docstring.
    * Fix: Fix shy groups bug.
    * Fix: Backport sorted saving of custom.
    * Fix: Working GTK buttons for 21.4.
    * Fix: The IA-64 has a large address space.
    * Fix: Fix repeatable crash while using w3
    * Fix: Eliminate misleading warnings when configuring GTK.
    * Fix: Remove compiler warnings for icc.
    * Fix: Minor cleanup for tag test.
    * Fix: GTK Button fix.
    * Fix: Fix configure warning about disabling regex-malloc.
    * Fix: PPC Linux no longer requires ppc.ldscript.
    * Fix: GTK backgrounds fix.
    * Fix: The IA-64 has a large address space part 2.
    * Fix: Fix etags loading of include files for completion.
    * Fix: process.el bug w/ & + output-buffer (Patches included).
    * Fix: Fix format specifier error in `package-require'.
    * Fix: Fix "unknown error datum" problem in PUI code.
    * Fix: Fix bogus byte-compiler warnings.
    * Fix: Fix truncate range error.
    * Fix: Fix setf substring bug.
    * Fix: Do not blindly copy on GC over another.
    * Fix: Fix completion lists that are too wide.
    * Fix: etags named tags bug solved.
    * Update: Document use of start == Qnil in fileio.c.
    * Update: Add tests for OS support.
    * Update: Sync etc/SERVICE to latest from
    * Update: Update internals manual.
    * Update: Sync derived.el with GNU Emacs 21.3.
    * Update: FAQ - pending-delete is in the pc package.
    * Update: Document major user visible PUI changes in etc/NEWS.
    * Update: Detect PlayStation2 in configure.
    * Update: Document the c-h c-f differs from GNU.
    * Update: Synch split-string to 21.5.
    * Update: Docstring tweaks for cl.el.
    * Update: Minor update in regexp docs.
    * Update: Announce new packages.
    * Update: Sync etc/sample.init.el typo and copycat fix from 21.5.
    * Update: GTK scrollbar improvements.
    * Update: Sync etags.el from 21.5.
    * Feature: Add tests for shy groups bug.
    * Feature: Add test for tags.
    * Feature: Fetch Symbols from MacOS X Dynamic Libraries.
    * Feature: GTK Menu/Button Mnemonic Support.
    * Feature: Backport sorted saving of custom variables.

To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Save it and run setup, answer the questions and pick up
the above mentioned package from the 'Editors' category.

Note that downloads from (aka aren't
allowed due to bandwidth limitations.  This means that you will need
to find a mirror which has this update.

These mirrors already got the package, the others will probably have 
the latest version of this package fairly soon:

In the US 

has reliable high bandwidth connections.

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