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Strange-Dangerous behaviour in Cygwin

After upgrading some packages (tetex-3.0.0-3.tar.bz2,,
doxygen-1.4.2_20050421-1.tar.bz2, yesterday 06 May 2005 
and subversion-1.1.4-1.tar.bz2, subversion-devel-1.1.4-1.tar.bz2,
_update-info-dir-00232-1.tar.bz2, tzcode-2005h-1.tar.bz2,
xemacs-21.4.17-1.tar.bz2, xemacs-tags, xemacs-emacs-common some days

I discovered the following strange behaviour in bash and xterm (startxwin)

Suppose having  

   alias rm='rm -i'
   alias cp='cp -i -p'
   alias mv='mv -i'

   rm foo.txt

   rm: remove regular file `foo.txt'? 
Suppose that I does not want to remove it but mistaking I type "y"

   rm: remove regular file `foo.txt'? y
Before the RETURN, I see the error so I correct, with BACKSPACE, "y" in

BACKSPACE does not delete "y" as aspected but it only shifts the cursor on
"y" and when I type "n" and then RETURN the file foo.txt is REMOVED!

Not only BACKSPACE does not remove the previous character (when "rm" is 
asking to confirm) but I can move the cursor in the window with UP, DOWN, 
LEFT, RIGHT keys as in a editor!!!

Also with "cp" and "mv" there is the same behaviour when these commands
ask to confirm something.

Trying in a DOS box with "del /P" all works as aspected, i.e. BACKSPACE
deletes the previous character.
These things happen as Admin. and as User.

I am sure that until some days ago all worked fine (I often use rm foo*
and then using y/n I select what to remove and what not, and often I make
mistake but until now I have never lost importand files because I always
have corrected).

The system is W2K SP4+Cygwin 1.5.16-1 (only four packages I have not
gcc-test-suite,ghostscript native, regex, xwinclip)


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