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Re: setup.exe and column dividers

"J. David Boyd" wrote:

> Does anyone know where, in what file, the information for setup.exe is
> stored as it pertains to the column dividers?
> At some point in the past, I did 'something' so that all I see in the
> window is the current version.  I have to move FAR to the right, and drag
> back the column divider, 6 or 7 times, until I can see all the pertinent
> fields at once in the program window.

Check your /etc/setup/installed.db for a package with a long string of
repeating version numbers, e.g. "foo-" or something
like that.  At some point in the past there was a packaging error that
named a package with an improper version, and for whatever reason setup
got confused by this and recored this malformed version number.  The
columns adjust their size to fit the widest element in the column, and
if you have this bogus package number that would cause it.

Alternatively, if you just switch to the Full view and page through the
list you should be able to find the package that is causing the column
to be so wide.  Uninstall/reinstall that package.


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