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RE: SSHD key based authentication hangs cscript

Hi All, 

Thanks for the suggestions. They look like exactly what we need as we will
only require this for one user to run 3 commands. Two of them already work
as intended, it's just the 3rd that seems to rely on this token.  

I have run into problems though, and it's most likely my ignorance. Is there
a document that explains the process of logging in as the user running the
service? I have attempted to login using the sshd_server user, but this
fails even after all the policies that deny it access in "Default Domain
Controller Security Policy" are removed. 

These are: 

> "Deny Access to this Computer from the network"	
> "Deny logon locally" 

These ones I left alone and then removed them when the above two didn't give
me results:

> "Replace a process level token" 
> "Create a token object"

This I figured was essential and never modified it. 

> "Log on as a service" 

I do understand some of this may compromise security, but at this stage I am
not concerned as this will run in a trusted and firewalled environment. 

I also can't run the service as administrator. Any attempts to change this
hang the service until the cygrunsrv process is killed. Any ideas on what I
am doing wrong? The administrator service is allowed to log on as a service
by default. 

What exactly is the prerequisite for logging into a cygwin sshd server on
the user side? I have found that any new accounts I add to our active
directory don't seem to appear in /etc/passwd? Should they? Also, it seems
that only administrator accounts created prior to the cygwin install are
allowed a login to the server. Is this normal?   

Thanks again for all your suggestions so far folks, 

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From: Igor Pechtchanski [] 
Sent: Thursday, 5 May 2005 1:32 PM
To: Stuart Westbury
Subject: RE: SSHD key based authentication hangs cscript

On Thu, 5 May 2005, Stuart Westbury wrote:

> Thanks for the prompt response Corinna.
> At least I now know.
> Can anybody suggest a way of doing this? Can the runas service be used
> to gain a new token or will it suffer the same problem? I have attempted
> to use it, but the results were unusual. It prompted me for a password
> and just drops me back to the shell without the opportunity to even
> enter one.
> On a similar note, can anyone who may have had this issue suggest any
> alternative way to run remote commands on a windows box from linux with
> some form of transparent authentication, or am I dreaming? :)

Well, if you only ever log in as one user, you can run sshd as that
particular user (maybe on a special port if you need a regular sshd daemon
as well).  That way, even if public key auth is used, the token will be
valid.  See the --user option to cygrunsrv.

If you need multiple users to log in, you can try to get runas to prompt
you for a password properly, but that may be tricky.  Try playing with the
"tty" value in the CYGWIN variable (see

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> Sent: Wednesday, 4 May 2005 7:03 PM
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> Subject: Re: SSHD key based authentication hangs cscript

Oh, and <>.  Thanks.

> On May  4 11:15, Stuart Westbury wrote:
> > "There are actually two problems here: 1) a problem with CygWin/OpenSSH
> > (after  public  key  authentication  GetUserName()  returns  incorrect
> > value)..........."
> >
> > Is this my problem?
> No, that's our problem.  There's nothing we can do about it, I'm sorry.
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