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Re: cygwin version 1.5.16-1 (exim 4.50-1, minires 1.00-1, perl 5.8.6-4) attempting to run spamassassin (spamc and spamd)

On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 06:25:54PM -0400, Eric D. Williams wrote:
>"Brian Dessent" wrote (before I subscribed to the list):
>>"Eric D. Williams" wrote:
>Also, thanks for the explanation below, I have included with this post
>to increase the hits in the cache.  Thank you Brian et. al.,
>I neglected to mention, specifically, Christopher 'cgf' Faylor, thanks 

Please don't thank me.  Corinna Vinschen fixed it a while ago.  Then I
broke it trying to fix something else.  Then when it was noticed that
it was broken, I "fixed" it, announced that it was fixed, and released a
new DLL.  The only problem was that I didn't actually fix it until Brian
reported that it was still broken in the cygwin-developers mailing list.
That's why it is only fixed in the snapshot.  I'm glad to see that it
is now ok but it makes me wonder what else I now broke.  :-)


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