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Re: setup alternatives (was Re: Bespoke installations: simple elegance of setup.exe when setup.ini is absent)

Sean McMahon wrote:

> Is there a cygwin port for this yast which will install cygwin packages?  I


> should point out that some of the controlls in setup.exe work.  The initial
> buttons for selecting install from internet, the next and back buttons, the
> finnish button.  It's really the main points of setup.exe that don't work.  The
> button which toggles all and the other categories and the multi-state toggles
> for individual packages as well as the listview of packages itself.  The final
> checkboxes for create icon on desktop and create icon on startmenu do not obtain
> focus when hitting the tab key.

Indeed.  Setup uses standard controls for just about everything _except_
for the package selection area, which sadly is probably the most
important widget of the whole program.  I eventually plan to rectify
this, but no guarantees on a timeframe.


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