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Re: cygwin version 1.5.16-1 (exim 4.50-1, minires 1.00-1, perl 5.8.6-4) attempting to run spamassassin (spamc and spamd)

"Eric D. Williams" wrote:

> Thanks for the advice and help.  I just reviewed your post in the list
> archive (html). I will give the snapshot a try.  Is there any further
> reference to the SYSTEMROOT issue you referred to, e.g., date?  Just so
> I am clear you are suggesting a 'snapshot' of the -inst- not the
> cygwin1, yes?

In this case the problem was in the DLL, so you can replace just that. 
Normally you can pretty much always test snapshots by just replacing the
cygwin1.dll, but you don't want to do that if the includes, libs etc.
are from a much older version.  I.e. don't try to mix 1.5.16+ DLL with
1.5.12 includes and libs.  And obviously if the cause of the problem is
in one of the utils, then replacing just the DLL won't work.

The SYSTEMROOT thing is explained in the archives.  It seems to come up
every so often.  The gist of it is that the windows socket functions
require that variable to be set, else they all fail.  When you have
applications like Apache that launch child processes it's often
customary in the unix world to strip their environment of all
nonessential variables, and if that happens with SYSTEMROOT then the
process can't use sockets.  Code was added in the DLL to try to always
put the variable back when launching a process if it was stripped, but
there was a recent regression that caused it to fail in certain
circumstances (which was fixed promptly by cgf.)


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