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Re: pwd vs $PWD, bash, cygwin vs Linux

To clarify:

1) The correct long-term solution to the problem of bash/ash
incompatibilities is to modify the makefile to avoid the problem.
If the Makefile is yours, then you are done.  If the makefile is
from someone else, then you provide the someone else with a patch.

If you can be guaranteed that you are using GNU make then you can
use "$(CURDIR)" in place of $$PWD.  Otherwise, you'll need to use

2) The easiest workaround to the problem is "make SHELL=/bin/bash".
I did not suggest this originally because I thought that the makefile
was home-grown and would benefit from being permanently fixed.

This has the drawback of requiring you to remember to do this every
time you type "make" which is somewhat of a problem if you are doing
active development.

3) When I said "shirley you don't intend" I was parodying the poster who
was appalled by the idea of modifying the thousands of makefiles out
there which just must be rife with the use of PWD.  It was not a serious
comment, since if you are going to modify your makefile to say "SHELL =
/bin/bash" you might as well just modify your makefile to use CURDIR.


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