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Re: pwd vs $PWD, bash, cygwin vs Linux

But what if it is *not* your Makefile, but someone
else's, e.g. the many GNU source packages that expect
bash behavior?  Surely you don't intend that ordinary
users (well, OK, anyone compiling from a source
package isn't really "ordinary") should modify every
package maintained by GNU in order to make it under
cygwin, do you?

With respect,


P.S. - If there have already been discussions or if
there already exists documentation on why ash vs. bash
(I gather it is for performance reasons), I'd
appreciate (a) pointer(s) so I could better learn the
history so I don't re-hash settled issues.

--- Christopher Faylor
<> wrote:
> I really don't understand why using CURDIR isn't
> the ultimate solution here.  If you can mess with
> your mount table or copy bash to sh, then
> you really should be able to also change your
> Makefile to use $(CURDIR) rather than $$PWD.

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