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Re: SSHD key based authentication hangs cscript

On May  4 02:49, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > Nothing wrong with that, but since this happens
> > in user land and not within a registered Windows authentication package,
> > there's a problem here.  The new sub process still runs in the authenticated
> Is that what the old 'subautha' thing was aiming at?  To be able to
> issue a real SID?  (I know that it's dead and gone now, but I was
> curious.)

Yes, that was the original idea.  But it had two drawbacks, it had to
be installed into the WINDOWS/system32 path plus adding a registry key
and ob-reboot, and it only worked well on 2K but not on NT4, AFAIR
(No XP on the horizon back then).

I'm in the progress of beginning to think of starting to plan to create
a real authentication package for Cygwin... for about three or four years
now.  The frustrating lack of example code from Microsoft and the Net
holds me back :-(


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