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SSHD key based authentication hangs cscript

Hi All, 

We are having a problem using the SSHD key based authentication under
windows. This is the scenario. 

We are attempting an automated process in which a linux machine logs into a
windows based ssh server and runs the cscript command on a vbs script. This
works as it was intended, but in the process of automating, we have added
key authentication (which seems to work flawlessly for everything else) and
now it fails. We can run other remote commands without a problem. 

What is different about keys? 

We have tested thoroughly the keys vs passwords and it consistently fails
when using keys. While searching around for reference to this problem and I
found this in the archive of another mailing list. 

"There are actually two problems here: 1) a problem with CygWin/OpenSSH
(after  public  key  authentication  GetUserName()  returns  incorrect

Is this my problem? I must admit I'm no programmer and am a bit out of my
depth. Is there a potential work around for this if it is my problem? Any
help would be much appreciated. 

Linux System: Fedora Core 3
Linux SSH client: openssh-clients-3.9p1-8.0.1
Windows Machine: Windows server 2003
Cygwin SSH Version: 4.0p1-1


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