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RE: Best antivirus for cygwin? - was Norton antivirus and the Trojans

[Followups to cygwin-talk]

> Hi-
> Apparently Norton antivirus is getting a false positive with 
> rsync and wget.
> I would really like to dump Norton AntiVirus but I have never 
> found any AV program to be very satisfactory.  I would like 
> the following:
> 1. 64-bit compatible (if the drivers ever show up I will 
> migrate to xp64) 2. Relatively cheap for up to 10 machines 
> (every year I buy enough three or five packs of Norton for 
> about 10 or 20 bucks with rebates, uninstall the old version 
> and run the new version for a year.  This is much cheaper 
> than upgrading through the Norton web site.).
> 3. Auto updating.
> 4. Cygwin friendly
> Any big successes or failures in the antivirus department for 
> cygwin users?
> (so far avast looks ok to me)
> Thanx

The main thing I've found that causes problems for not only Cygwin but other
programs is the feature they all have where they scan files as they're being
written and/or read from disk.  With any AV I use, I *always* turn these off
and always turn the incoming-email scanning on.  I can't recall ever having
an AV-related problem since implementing that policy.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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