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Re: side effects of Cygwin's maximum memory test

Dave Korn kirjoitti:
----Original Message----

From: Jani Tiainen
Sent: 03 May 2005 15:26

Dave Korn kirjoitti:

On May 3 00:25, Utku Ozcan wrote:

I *think* that the test below, which tests memory allocation limit of
Cygwin *might* produce problems in Windows XP:

In this page, I have compiled the C code, and after having run the
compiled executable, Windows XP gave suddenly a warning that virtual
memory setting has been changed (I think, that repeated malloc() calls
in this code somehow change the virtual memory settings in Windows

 Interestingly enough, there _is_ some kind of problem here.    I
haven't been hit by any HD problem, but when I tried the test program,
it gave me an ever-increasing series of values, and then suddenly
stopped working altogether and wouldn't recover!

Interesting enough.. I get consistent 1536MB allocation. But some times maxmem freezes machine for a while... No leak detected..

I need to reboot to get my machine to work properly again!

  Is your machine set to allow windows to manage the paging file size?  I
have a fixed allocation of exactly 2Gb, and have disabled the "System
managed size" option; perhaps this is the difference between your machine
and mine.  The pauses you describe certainly seem likely candidates for
'doze to be growing the pagefile.

Actually I've limits... 1152 start (current size), 2304 as max size... So can't be.

And I've 768MB memory which approx 256MB is used... So don't get it...

On first run I didn't have any limits set in registy, I got only 1024MB... after setting limit to 2GB it hitted 1536MB... Not growing but pausing.. It even happened on 1024MB times... Maybe it swapped in/out something.


Jani Tiainen

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