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Re: Can I mount an EXT3 partition that WinXP sees as "(Unknown partition)"?

FYI, explore2fs found both my boot and root partitions
on the firewire external drive with no trouble.

Thanks for the pointer, this is just what I needed, an
easy way to copy info over to cygwin.


--- Larry Hall
<> wrote:
> At 04:00 PM 5/3/2005, you wrote:
> >On a firewire-mounted external hard drive I have an
> >EXT3 partition that used to be the root file system
> >for an RH7.3 linux setup.  Is there any way to
> mount
> >such a partition to cygwin when XP doesn't
> recognize
> >it with a drive letter?
> >
> >The partition is primary, not extended.
> No.  You need software that knows the filesystem
> first.  You can check out Paragon if you're looking
> for commercial support.  There is an older
> free S/W driver for ext2 and NT but I haven't tried
> it since NT 4 and I can't recommend it.  If you're
> just looking to get read access (and/or very 
> touchy write access) and don't mind the slowness of
> a user-land utility, check out Explore2fs
> I don't know if it works with FireWire but it does
> work fine with local ext3 partitions.

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