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Re: Can I mount an EXT3 partition that WinXP sees as "(Unknown partition)"?

Thanks Larry.  I only need read access for my home
system and not commercial support, so I'll check out


--- Larry Hall
<> wrote:
> At 04:00 PM 5/3/2005, you wrote:
> >On a firewire-mounted external hard drive I have an
> >EXT3 partition that used to be the root file system
> >for an RH7.3 linux setup.  Is there any way to
> mount
> >such a partition to cygwin when XP doesn't
> recognize
> >it with a drive letter?
> >
> >The partition is primary, not extended.
> No.  You need software that knows the filesystem
> first.  You can check out Paragon if you're looking
> for commercial support.  There is an older
> free S/W driver for ext2 and NT but I haven't tried
> it since NT 4 and I can't recommend it.  If you're
> just looking to get read access (and/or very 
> touchy write access) and don't mind the slowness of
> a user-land utility, check out Explore2fs
> I don't know if it works with FireWire but it does
> work fine with local 
> ext3 partitions.

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