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Re: Help !!! - Problem running Cygwin in Remote Desktop session with non-admin privileges

Cliff Hones wrote:

> Note - I've tried this on two systems, with setup v2.457.2.1 and v2.457.2.2.
> In both cases I had a cygwin package earlier than 1.5.15 installed.
> Just tried again - selecting "Keep" is not necessary - just go straight
> to the Cygwin version selector.  It shows 1.5.16 initially, but if you
> change it you cannot get it back without selecting "Exp".  Aha - but if
> you leave it at, and then change the setting of another package
> (I chose cygutils, just above) then 1.5.16 does reappear.  Bizarre!

Okay.  I think we're onto something here.

I initially tried to reproduce this and couldn't, no matter what I
tried.  That was from my local mirror.  I then tried it on "Install from
Internet" mode and was able to reproduce it.  I think this might have to
do with the fact that my local mirror has a copy of the old version,
whereas the mirror you are using may not have one as old as .12 or
whatever your current version is.

Anyway, I will look into it more as I am very interested in finding the
things that make setup a royal pain in the ass for users.


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