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RE: side effects of Cygwin's maximum memory test

----Original Message----
>From: Jani Tiainen
>Sent: 03 May 2005 15:26

> Dave Korn kirjoitti:

>>> On May  3 00:25, Utku Ozcan wrote:
>>>> I *think* that the test below, which tests memory allocation limit of
>>>> Cygwin *might* produce problems in Windows XP:
>>>> In this page, I have compiled the C code, and after having run the
>>>> compiled executable, Windows XP gave suddenly a warning that virtual
>>>> memory setting has been changed (I think, that repeated malloc() calls
>>>> in this code somehow change the virtual memory settings in Windows
>>>> XP).

>>   Interestingly enough, there _is_ some kind of problem here.    I
>> haven't been hit by any HD problem, but when I tried the test program,
>> it gave me an ever-increasing series of values, and then suddenly
>> stopped working altogether and wouldn't recover!
> Interesting enough.. I get consistent 1536MB allocation. But some times
> maxmem freezes machine for a while... No leak detected..

  I need to reboot to get my machine to work properly again!

  Is your machine set to allow windows to manage the paging file size?  I
have a fixed allocation of exactly 2Gb, and have disabled the "System
managed size" option; perhaps this is the difference between your machine
and mine.  The pauses you describe certainly seem likely candidates for
'doze to be growing the pagefile.

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