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Re: setup alternatives (was Re: Bespoke installations: simple elegance of setup.exe when setup.ini is absent)

Max Bowsher kirjoitti:
James Renton wrote:

What about

There are very many installer builders for windows, but none that I have seen manage many independently updated packages with interdependencies, in the way that our current setup does.


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Subject: setup alternatives (was Re: Bespoke installations: simple
elegance of setup.exe when setup.ini is absent)

On Mon, May 02, 2005 at 12:57:18PM -0700, Sean McMahon wrote:

I for one appreciate the clarification as I sent a detailed bug-report
to this person assuming they were the maintainer.  My question as I've
asked before is, can or is someone working on improving accessibility
of setup.exe for those of us who have to use windows via a screenreader

and keyboard.  Many of the buttons and controlls do not get focus and
can't be opperated in the normal manner.

Did you happen to follow the "setup.exe sucks" thread over in
cygwin-apps?  Basically, it boils down to the fact that I and others are
not really thrilled with setup.exe in its current form.  While it is an
impressive program in some ways, the UI is (apparently) too
non-intuitive and the mean-time between bug fixes is too long.

Are you aware of a setup-like program out there which "gets it right" as
far as UI is concerned?  It would be nice to transition to an
open-sources alternative which was actively supported.


Why to reinvent wheel..?

You could use existing systems, like Debian package-system (deb), RPM-system like Fedora Core/RedHat, or Gentoo's Emerge.

All working, proven technologies.

Most setups in Windows works in "complete package" way. (For some reason or another), so you really are used to install "everything", or at least very large packages. You don't have such a finegrained control over installation as Linux distributions tend to have...


Jani Tiainen

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