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Re: CDDB and DiscID for Python


On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 02:23:45PM -0600, Jeffrey Barish wrote:
> I am trying to install CDDB and DiscID so that I can import them into
> Python.  Following the directions for win32, I put,,
> win32/, and win32/mci.dll in /lib/python2.4/site-packages. 
> import CDDB works fine, but import DiscID produces the error
> ImportError: dlopen, Win21error 1157

AFAICT, this is caused by attempting to import a Win32 Python shared
extension into Cygwin Python.

> It is produced by the import mci command in  I also tried to
> install using python install, but that command produced
> the error message
> undefined reference to '_mciSendStringA@16'
> I also tried the unix installation procedure (python install). 
> It started complaining with
> storage size of 'hdr' isn't known

See below...

> The long list of complaints looks like they result from a missing
> include file, but there is no complaint about such a problem.
> These modules work fine on my linux platform.  Does anyone know how to
> get them to work under cygwin?

You need to build a Cygwin version of the Python shared extension
modules.  Note this may require some porting effort as indicated by the
error message above.  Sorry, I can't be more helpful without actually
trying to do this myself.


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