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Re: AW: 1.5.16-1: chmod problem

"Pach Roman (GS-EC/ESA4) *" wrote:

> Unfortunately the Windows has a special attribute 'write protection'
> which can be set in the mask for file's attribute.
> So there is a kind of conflict now. Despite I can't change file permissions (in the acl)
> I can every time set/reset the bit 'write protection'.
> I see, it is very interesting feature of the so called operating system.
> There is the question at this place:
> Should the implementation of chmod allow the setting/resetting of the 'write protection' bit
> in spite of the missing permission 'change file permission' in the acl ?

As far as I know, there are really three things that we're talking

"Attributes" - Archive, Readonly, Hidden, and System - the legacy flags
from ancient DOS.  Requires the "Write Attributes" ACL bit to modify.

"Extended Attributes" - hardly ever used: metadata, alternate streams
(?).  I think this was a crutch that was used on non-NTFS/HPFS disks in
order to store metadata back when FAT was still common.  Requires the
"Write Extended Attributes" ACL bit to modify.

"Permissions" - The full NTFS security entity aka ACL.  Requires "Change
Permissions" bit in order to modify.

So in your case your permissions include the first two, but not the
last.  This means you should be able to set R/H/S/A at will.  I'm at a
loss as to why the R flag keeps getting set even though you keep
clearing it, but it probably has something to do with SMB/CIFS.


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