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Re: Problem with cygwin setup

Jds wrote:
> Short Version: 
> Could someone tell me the target for the cygwin shortcut that should get installed? 

>From what I recall it was dependent on your OS - for old Win9x OS's it was placed in 
Desktop and for Win2k or WinNT and the like it was placed in Documents and setting and 
either All Users or your User Id based on how you answered the option for "all users" 
or "just me" during setup.

Thought - which option did you select and are you the administrator for this system - 
also what OS are you on and one last thought:

Looking at your log:

2005/05/02 13:22:22 running: C:\cygwin\bin\sh.exe -c /etc/postinstall/ 
2005/05/02 13:35:42 Enabled Anti Virus software 
2005/05/02 13:35:43 mbox note: Nothing needed to be installed 
2005/05/02 13:35:44 Ending cygwin install 

Notice the Nothing needed to be installed note - did you actually see it download and 
install anything - did you in fact select something to be installed - from the Chooser 
screen when it shows you all the categories you must select at least the Base 


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