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Re: cygwin-1.5.16-1: FIFOs broken

On Sun, 1 May 2005, Jerry D. Hedden wrote:

> >>>> However, that said, the above WJFFM.  In fact, it works more like
> >>>> linux in 1.5.16 than it does on 1.5.15, i.e., the cat command exits
> >>>> after printing "YOUR TEXT HERE" whereas it continues to block in
> >>>> 1.5.15.
> >> I tried the 4/30 snapshot of cygwin1.dll.  It exhibited the behavior
> >> you mentioned with the 'cat' exiting after it reads text.  However,
> >> this is a bad thing.  It means that the FIFO is being set EOF after
> >> there is no more data.  I tried my client-server app with the
> >> snapshot cygwin1.dll, and it failed because of this.
> >>
> >> It seems to me that the behavior of FIFOs under 1.5.15 was correct,
> >> and that under both 1.5.16 and the snapshot, FIFOs are now broken.
> > FWIW, I just tested your example under Solaris 8 and it works just
> > like Christopher describes.
> Okay.  I have seen the error of my ways.  I'm going to rewrite my app to use
> UPD instead.

Try running your test case using "cat <>/tmp/FIFO".  If it works, look at
the bash sources to see how the <> redirection is implemented, and use
that in your app.  It should be less effort than rewriting all of the
communication code (unless your app is very small).
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