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'Setup' selection question

All -

I want to select packages for cygwin 'Setup' to install, and want to ensure
that all dependencies for my selected packages will also be installed. It
appears that, if I am in a submenu and de-select a package, it may deselect
components that are required by another selected package, thus:

 1. Enter submenu 'X'
 2. Select application 'A' for installation
    Notice some other applications are selected, presumably as dependencies
 3. Enter submenu 'Y'
 4. De-select application 'B' for installation
    Notice some other applications are de-selected, presumably as

It appears that some packages selected in (2) to satisfy dependencies are
being _deselected_ in (4). If so, I'm afraid this could break my

I actually _download_ the overall selection, burn it to a CD, and install it
on another computer. This final installation seems to be broken. (Xwin won't
start.) When I erase all installation traces I can find in the system used
for downloading (including registry keys), I get clean installations in that
original system from the same CD.

 1. Is it possible to deselect needed files from downloading and/or
installation by deselecting _other_ files for which they are dependencies?

 2. By specifically deselecting files that may dependencies of another
package, are they dropped from the download?

 3. Is there some way to test the coverage of a set of selected packages as
far as satisfying its own internal dependencies?

 4. Should I get error messages during installation if some dependencies
can't be satisfied?

I don't have any clear symptoms of the problem; I'm fishing around to debug
my broken "portable" installation.

Thanks for any suggestions on these issues.

 - John Mills

John M. Mills
Staff Engineer
EMS Technologies
660 Engineering Drive
Norcross, GA 30092
770.263.9200 ext4882

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