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Re: cygwin-1.5.16-1: FIFOs broken

On Sat, Apr 30, 2005 at 09:52:28PM -0500, Ren? Berber wrote:
>Jerry D. Hedden wrote:
>>> However, that said, the above WJFFM.  In fact, it works more like linux
>>> in 1.5.16 than it does on 1.5.15, i.e., the cat command exits after
>>> printing "YOUR TEXT HERE" whereas it continues to block in 1.5.15.
>> I tried the 4/30 snapshot of cygwin1.dll.  It exhibited the behavior you
>> mentioned with the 'cat' exiting after it reads text.  However, this is
>> a bad thing.  It means that the FIFO is being set EOF after there is no
>> more data.  I tried my client-server app with the snapshot cygwin1.dll,
>> and it failed because of this.
>> It seems to me that the behavior of FIFOs under 1.5.15 was correct, and
>> that under both 1.5.16 and the snapshot, FIFOs are now broken.
>FWIW, I just tested your example under Solaris 8 and it works just like
>Christopher describes.

I think the previous <1.5.15 implementation of fifos represented my
ever-evolving understanding of how they are supposed to work.  Either
that or it was just a bug.

(FWIW, I just tried the example on another machine and still see success
with 1.5.16.)

If you want to more-or-less duplicate the behavior of 1.5.15 you can do
something like this:

(echo 99999&; echo YOUR TEXT HERE) > /tmp/FIFO

As long as there is something sitting around which has the fifo open,
the cat process will not terminate.  Of course, there will be a long
running sleep process sitting around in the above example and that
may not be desirable.  So, there may be a more elegant way to do this.

I thought that maybe something like:

cat < FIFO 42>FIFO

might work since that would cause cat to keep FIFO open for input and
output but that just hangs on both cygwin and linux.


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