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*nix little commands on Cygwin

*nix is full of "hidden" tools & features, that rarely get mentioned cos there's not much to go
wrong (amalgamated thread from

> ascii     (display ascii table)

> cal   (display this months calendar)
> cal 12 2007  (dec 2007)

> wtf imho  (acronym decoder)

> od -a file.txt   (octal/binary/ascii/hex dump of file)

> factor 32

> fortune
> ddate

Quote "Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes! 
 Reminds me I need to finish packaging bsdgames, so we can have such gems as:

arithmetic:     arithmetic quiz/speed test
bcd:            outputs text in an antique form
factor:         factor a number
morse:          output morse code
number:         output the English text for a number
pig:            output text in Pig Latin
pom:            display the phase of the moon
ppt:            outputs text in another antique form
primes:         generate primes
rain:           attempts to create a rain drop effect (best at 9600 baud)
random:         random lines from a file or random numbers
wargames:       would you like to play a game?
worms:          random worms scurrying across your screen

Missed any?

vim -c ":%s%s*%Cyrnfr)fcbafbe[Oenz(Zbbyranne%|:%s)[[()])-)Ig|norm Vg?" vim, zsh & success tips

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