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Re: missing files in /usr/include/sys

rwj wrote:

> okay, thank you for the reply.  I shall try and sort this out on my own then.
> For the record, the code that wants these header files is the Perl module
> "Device::SerialPort" as found on the CPAN mirrors.
> maybe i should hassle the module developer as to why he didn't verify his build
> on CYGWIN ... or perhaps i'm just expecting too much  :/

It would have helped if you'd mentioned the perl module earlier, that
way we could have just looked at it.

The lack of those header files is not your problem.  It's normal for
'configure' to not find some header files, since the whole point is to
test for all conceivable headers that might exist on a system.

No, your problem is that Cygwin does not have the ioctls TIOCMBIS and
TIOCMBIC, which the module relies on.  Cygwin does support reading and
writing DTR and RTS, but it uses the ioctl TIOCMSET and TIOCMGET with
the TIOCM_RTS and TIOCM_DTR flags in the third argument of ioctl().


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