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RE: mkstemp bug

> On Fri, Apr 29, 2005 at 10:19:56AM -0400, Sam Steingold wrote:
> >> * Gary R. Van Sickle <t.e.inafvpxyr@jbeyqarg.ngg.arg> 
> [2005-04-28 21:01:07 -0500]:
> >>
> >> [snip]
> >>> > So when I say "fifos just barely work" you felt the need to
> >>> inform me
> >>> > that they don't work?  And that advances the discussion
> >>> how, exactly?
> >>> 
> >>> I did not just tell you that they are broken.
> >>> I also gave you a test case for FIFOs:
> >>>>>>
> >>>Try
> >>> mkfifo foo
> >>> xterm -e 'tty >> foo; cat foo'
> >>> (now foo can be used by other tty application to communicate with 
> >>>the  user via the dedicated xterm - works in linux but not cygwin).
> >>>>>>
> >>> I think such a test case is useful for development and debugging.
> >>
> >> Dude, you are just *asking* for one heck of a zinger!
> >
> ><>
> >Sorry, I am not sure I understand what you mean.
> >(PS it may be because English is not my native language...)
> It's nothing to worry about.  Gary spends a lot of time 
> second guessing people, assuming that he knows what is going 
> to happen, and sometimes even takes credit for people's 
> behavior.  He likes to inject personal attacks and 
> observations into technical discussions.

Quick quiz Chris.

1.  Who made this statement?:
"So when I say "fifos just barely work" you felt the need to inform me that
they don't work?  And that advances the discussion how, exactly?"
2.  For what possible reason did that person make that statement?
3.  Such statements advance the discussion how, exactly?

> So, he was assuming that a message that you sent at 9AM EDT 
> on Thursday was going to see some sort of harsh response more 
> than twelve hours later.
> If you've read this list for any length of time you'll note 
> that Gary rarely offers anything of merit to a discussion.  

Not sure about that, but I do know that I rarely take anybody to task for
helping.  Who amongst us can cast that first stone?

> He usually wanders in hours after a discussion has wound down 
> and either offers duplicate advice or uses the discussion as 
> a platform for an ad hominem innuendo.

No, I usually avoid innuendo, and try to make my statements as clear as
possible.  Innuendo is for "high class" folks, ain't it?

> That is not to say that he doesn't occasionally have a good 
> idea.  Who can forget "Cyppy", after all?

Indeed!  Cyppy was a big hit.  Who knows, maybe he'll still pop up some day!

But also don't forget that I'll occasionally rewrite large portions of the
setup app when others don't want to.  We all remember the dialog box days
<shudder>, do we not?

> cgf

Wow, I had no idea I bothered you so Chris - well, no more than every other
person in the world apparently bothers you anyway - nor that you kept such
close tabs on how many hours pass between a post and my reply to that post.
I'm impressed, and by "impressed" I of course mean "terribly saddened that
somebody as obviously talented as you is filled with such inexplicable
animosity toward his fellow man."

Dude, seriously, get over me.  Get over yourself.  Have a homebrew.  Try to
enjoy life, and by "life" I don't mean "the number of hours it takes Gary,
my hated nemesis who has the nerve to call me on my poor behavior (on my own
personal turf no less!), to respond to a post."  Oh, and perhaps most
importantly, take to heart this verse from Ecclesiastes:

"A time to be a jerk, and a time to behave yourself."

To everything there is a season, my good man.  Turn, turn, turn.

Gary R. Van Sickle

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