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ioctl not found

I hope this is not the wrong forum for this question, but I am not sure where
to ask.

I am trying to use perl on cygwin to control i/o devices, specifically Serial
Ports and Modems.

i had been using perl on windows just fine for both serial and modem, except
that ZModem transfers are not supported on windows.  since there are ZModem
routines readily available for *nix platforms, I'm hoping that I can do my job
verifiying our ZModem devices using Cygwin. 

my problem is that serial port and modem modules complain that IOCTL is not

is this something missing in my Cygwin build?

again, sorry if im' being a total noob here and posting in the wrong place. 
i've searched the net, and in various Perl and Cygwin archives, and am not
finding the answer.  

thanks for your time,


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