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Shutdown 1.7-1 problem when w2k screen is locked

I have found that when I "Lock Computer" in Windows 2000 just after running "shutdown --exitex 10" then the computer does not shut down.  Nothing happens.  The command just exits.

When the computer is not locked, "shutdown --exitex 10" does a complete shutdown and power off.

If I lock the computer right after running "shutdown 10" (no --exitex) then the computer does shutdown, but does not power off.  I get the "It is now safe to turn off your computer" screen.  I get the same behavior from "shutdown 10" even if the computer is not locked.

I noticed this while trying to set up a nightly script that would run some backup and cleanup scripts and then shutdown, all while the PC was locked and I was on my way home.

cygcheck.out attached.  I updated all cygwin packages yesterday or the day before.  My normal login account is in the Administrators group (I doubt that matters, but who knows).

Fred Wheeler

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