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Re: Basic test

René Berber wrote:
>> I have installed cygwin, and I am able to launch the console with
>> the promt bash2.05b$ But when entering ls or other comands, I get
>> always bash-2.05b$ ls
>> bash: ls: command not found

> That's strange,  I think the command ls comes in the
> coreutils package and that is one of the default installed
> packages... so, unless you unselected it it, you should have it.
> Try:
>  cygcheck -c coreutils
There is no result.
 I found
How should I set my PATH?
This is done for you in the file /etc/profile, which is sourced by bash when you start it from the Desktop or Start Menu shortcut, created by setup.exe. The line is
check your PATH

In \cygwin\etc\ there is no file \etc\path
There is only a directory \etc\profile.d with "sh" and "csh" files  for ms, openssh
and 00org-x11base.

There is in \etc\cygwin\defaults\etc a file profile with
export PATH
That looks like I have to launch a X11 comand line.
I am interested in using X11, so how may I start it?
Thanks, Maggi

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