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Minimum permissions guide for all files and directories?

I'm setting up a small web server to run on my home
cable internet connection.  I'll probably have no more
than 10 users and will only run http and ssh daemons,
but I would like my users to have access to all the
normal shell tools.

When I installed Cygwin on this Win2K machine (great
job on the installer, by the way!), it set everything
up with permissions set to 777 on everything.  I would
of course like to keep my users (mischievous friends)
from altering other users' web pages, etc, and setting
permissions for home/username/public_html and the like
has been pretty easy.

What I'm not clear on is how to set the permissions on
the myriad of other files and directories so that
they're basically at a minimum without fouling their

I've set programs like shutdown.exe to 700 (root
owned, of course), but I'm afraid to mindlessly chmod
755 entire directories for fear that I'm fouling
function or giving too much away in some cases. 
(There are a whole lot of files for a newbie like me
to learn about.)

Finally, the question: Is there a guide or tool
available that will help me go through and properly
set all the permissions for all of the files?  I've
spent some time looking all over the 'net, but the
keywords involved in such a search seem to lead me
everywhere except to what I'm looking for.

Thanks so much,

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