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Re: 1.5.16: Filename case sensitivity problem

Zhuang Jianmin wrote:

> 1. I can "tar jxvf setup-2.457.2.2.tar.bz2" to extract the setup package in the Cygwin environment, it works well, all files can be listed out. By under XP's file explorer, the filename with upper case is showed in a different form, for example, "" but not ""

Please attach your cygcheck output as requested at

It sounds like you have enabled managed mounts.  When you do that,
Cygwin encodes filenames with %nn.  This is so that filenames that are
normally forbidden by Windows (such as those that use reserved words
like CON, AUX, etc. or two files with the same name but different case)
can be used with Cygwin programs. Cygwin has to encode the filenames
specially to get around these inherent Windows limitataions.  They will
not show up correctly in Explorer because explorer has no idea what a
managed mount is.  When you extract the archive with winrar, the %nn
encodings will not be done, and since the directory is mounted in
managed mode, Cygwin will expect to see the encodings, which is why you
get file not found.

So, the solution is either:

- Don't use use managed mounts.
- Use managed mounts, but be aware that filenames will look strange to
non-Cygwin programs.

For most people there is absolutely no need to use managed mounts, and
it appears that you have enabled this feature without knowing how it
works or what it implies.  You should not be using this feature if you
don't understand it.  However, do not simply disable it now.  If you
have created files on a managed mount and then decide to mount those
paths normally, you will find lots of screwed up filenames.  To "undo" a
manged mount requires that you copy the entire tree to another path,
because you can't just turn off the managed mode once you've created
files there.


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