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Re: Running cygwin from thumbdrive

On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 02:08:16PM -0700, Matrix Mole wrote:
>Is it possible to install cygwin in such a way that it can be run 
>reliably from a thumbdrive? If so, how much of a minimal installation 
>should be performed? I have a 64MB on my thumbdrive that I can safely 
>allocate to using with cygwin if such a task were possible.
>As to how to perform the installation. Would I simply run the setup 
>program and direct the installer to install the files to a directory on 
>the thumbdrive itself?

I think you might be better off installing things on a hard drive and
just copying what you need.  You probably don't want documentation on
the thumb drive and most packages come with some kind of documentation.

If you create bin and lib directories on the drive you could copy
bash.exe, cygwin1.dll, and whatever other utilities you think are

>Would any problems arise from running cygwin from the thumbdrive since 
>the drive letter changes depending on which machine it is plugged into? 
>If so, any ideas on how to get around such a problem?

Is it possible to run a program whenever the thumb drive is attached to
the system?  If it was possible to do that you could probably write a
shell script which runs mount to sets up the mount table appropriately
whenever the thumb drive is plugged in.


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