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Re: sshd and /usr/bin/zsh

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Brad King wrote:

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Brad King wrote:
Also, try opening a "system-owned shell"
(Google for it to see how), and from there run

login youruser

That works when the shell is /bin/bash. When I switch to /bin/zsh or /usr/bin/zsh, I get:

Last login: Thu Apr 28 14:43:26 on console

and then the same hang behavior as with ssh.

It's rare that the shell hangs like that, unless it's stuck waiting for a subshell that died in a strange way.

To follow up on my hunch, you might want to run "cygcheck /usr/bin/zsh"
and check the permissions on all the DLLs listed by that command.

Running the cygcheck /usr/bin/zsh.exe from the system shell or a user shell gives


It should be noted that I can run zsh once I have a bash prompt.
Running zsh inside an rxvt works also. It is only when the initial login uses zsh (through ssh or system shell login) that it fails.

From the bash shell, did you just run zsh as a subshell or did you try
running it as a login shell (eg: zsh -l)?  As another experiment, could
you enable the rlogin service ('login' in /etc/inetd.conf) and then start
inetd and try using rlogin to see if zsh hangs there as well?  You'll
need to install the inetutils package, run 'inetd --install-as-service',
then 'net start inetd', then try rlogin from another machine.  I'd like
to narrow it down to either a problem with ssh interaction or perhaps a
problem with the system/user profiles in /etc/z* or your local .z*

Also, be advised that as of zsh-4.2.4, /etc/zprofile has been updated to
parallel the base /etc/profile.  The update would only apply, however, if
you did not have a previous, custom, zprofile.   A copy of the updated
zprofile is in /usr/share/doc/zsh-4.2.4/StartupFiles/etc

I'll see if I can reproduce your setup, though I only have W2K and not XP
(well, that's not quite true... I *could* setup an XP instance, but I
probably *won't* :).  Is there anything special with your sshd setup?
Did you customize anything?  Is the service run under 'SYSTEM' or under
your userid?

Wait... your using a domain account aren't you?  Hmm... That might
complicate things.  Are you logging in to your domain account via ssh or
into a local machine account?


-- Peter A. Castro <> or <> "Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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