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can't access Serial Ports


I just recently installed cygwin on my WinXP box here at work.  I am trying to
migrate my Perl scripts over to the cygwin environment.

But now I can not access my Serial Ports thru cygwin.  for instance, when I
tried installing a serial port device module for perl, the make file died with
the following error:

     could not open port '/dev/ttyS1'.  Are permissions correct?

i went to look in my root cygwin directory, and i dont even have a /dev
directory.  all of my websearches on this subject finds info that assumes my
/dev/ttyS<x> is available.

does cygwin normally not install a /dev directory?  do i need to create this
manually?  I am not sure what to do here, and this is a major stumbling block. 
Much of my work involves testing serial ports, modems, etc.    

For the record, all of these still work in the Win32 environment, just not in

Many thanks,


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