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Re: sshd and /usr/bin/zsh

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Brad King wrote:

> Hello,
> I just upgraded cygwin and now I cannot login to the machine via ssh
> unless I change /etc/passwd to use /bin/bash for my shell.  If I use
> /usr/bin/zsh then the login appears successful but no prompt ever shows
> up.  If I look at the set of processes I see a zsh that is doing
> nothing.  I tried moving all my .z* files out of my home directory but
> it didn't change anything.  I tried adding a command in .zshenv to
> create a mark file to see if it was even being loaded, but it is not.
> The zsh process seems completely dead.  It was working fine before the
> update.
> Any ideas?

First off, it's always a good idea to read and follow
<>.  Without the information requested
there, we don't know much about your system.

One immediate thing to check is whether the /usr/bin mount is correct on
your system: try changing your shell to /bin/zsh instead (/bin and
/usr/bin should point to the same directory on Cygwin).  If that works,
fix your mounts.

Otherwise, since bash works for you, I suspect some sort of a permission
issue.  Check the sshd logs.  Also, try opening a "system-owned shell"
(Google for it to see how), and from there run

login youruser

and see what output you get.
To follow up on my hunch, you might want to run "cygcheck /usr/bin/zsh"
and check the permissions on all the DLLs listed by that command.
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