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Re: tetex 3.0.0-x problems

I reported on this problem with tetex 3.0.0-2 two weeks ago but received no 
I have cygwin updated to the latest version. After the upgrade
to teTeX 3.0.0-2 the program preview-latex inside xemacs stopped working.
I use the version of Xemacs that is supplied with cygwin. The file
_region_.dvi is created but then the message "Latex cannot find preview
images" is displayed. I use the latest version of preview-latex 0.9.1 and of 
(11.55). I tried this on several computers with the same result. On one it 
was a
fresh installation.
Downgrading to tetex 2.0.2-15 makes everything work fine again. Any help or
Does anybody have preview-latex working with tetex 3.0.0-2?
preview-latex is a fantastic program and it is a shame that it is not 
working with tetex 3.0.0.

"m. z." <> wrote in message 
> Last April 1st I wrote this message on cygwin-xfree mailing list:
> "I tried to install tex/latex 3.0.0-1 (last version), but I did not 
> succeed. The setup, when arrives at /etc/postinstall/ , I 
> think something wrong it happens, since I waited for more than 30 minutes 
> (with Pentium 4) consuming up to 100% of CPU and not proceeding. I had to 
> stop it and to reinstall the previous version 2.0.2-15.
> Any suggestion on how to succesfully upgrade my tex ? Or Is it a bug of 
> the last version ? Someone succeeded in installing it ?
> Thank you "
> Today I tried with 3.0.0-2, but still the same problems as 3.0.0-1 
> happened.
> Again I had to reinstall the previous versions 2.0.2-15 (in this case 
> /etc/postinstall/ works).
> I would like to know if someone in the newsgroup succeeded in installing 
> 3.0.0-2. Thank you

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