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Re: tetex 3.0.0-x problems

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, m. z. wrote:

> Last April 1st I wrote this message on cygwin-xfree mailing list:
> "I tried to install tex/latex 3.0.0-1 (last version), but I did not succeed.
> The setup, when arrives at /etc/postinstall/ , I think something
> wrong it happens, since I waited for more than 30 minutes (with Pentium 4)
> consuming up to 100% of CPU and not proceeding. I had to stop it and to
> reinstall the previous version 2.0.2-15.
> Any suggestion on how to succesfully upgrade my tex ? Or Is it a bug of the
> last version ? Someone succeeded in installing it ?
> Thank you "
> Today I tried with 3.0.0-2, but still the same problems as 3.0.0-1 happened.
> Again I had to reinstall the previous versions 2.0.2-15 (in this case
> /etc/postinstall/ works).
> I would like to know if someone in the newsgroup succeeded in installing
> 3.0.0-2. Thank you

This is not a "problem", per se.  That is, the above is just a consequence
of having a postinstall script do a whole lot of both disk-intensive and
computation-intensive stuff on a slower computer.  This has been reported
before.  I've successfully installed tetex-3.0.0-1 (and 3.0.0-2, for that
matter), as have many others.

Looking at /etc/postinstall/, it basically removes all the
.fmt files (precompiled tex formats) and re-generates them.  This can take
*a long time*, especially on machines with little memory (the ConTeXt
format, for example, takes up at least 200MB of TeX memory, IIRC).  You
can see the number of page faults in the Task Manager of any NT-based OS
(e.g., XP).  My guess is that you'll just have to wait and let the
postinstall script complete (let it run overnight, for example).
P.S. BTW, neither your original message, nor this one, have anything to do
with the cygwin-xfree list.
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